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The older classical system is listed first, and the Loeb citation system then follows in parentheses. This scroll details rules for admission into the Qumran community. Against Apion, a defense of the Jewish people written by Josephus, a Jewish historian who lived from a. Jewish Antiquities, a history of the Jewish people written by Josephus seeAg. Indicates a tractate from the Babylonian Talmud, which contains the Mishnah and rabbinic interpretive expansions. Shepherd of Hermas, a Christian work written in Rome sometime during the 1st and 2nd centuries a. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, who died as a martyr in Rome early in the second century. Following will be the abbreviation for one of his seven letters.

Now You Know: When Did People Start Saying That the Year Was ‘A.D.’?

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Letter forms and abbreviations Reading old handwriting is a challenge for most people. However, as we have seen, medieval scripts are usually written in a careful, regular hand. This means they can actually be easier to tackle than a personal scrawl of the nineteenth or twentieth century, if you have learnt a few basic hints and tips. On this page you will find lots of advice about unfamiliar letters, surprisingly-shaped letters, and abbreviations. If you want to know more, you can look at more comprehensive palaeography websites listed in the Further Reading page.

Recognising different letter forms Here are four examples of exactly the same Latin phrase which commonly occurs in title deeds. The task is made a bit harder because the scribes liked to abbreviate long or common words. This was very common. This just stands for Berlinstrasse — the letter is a long and a short s, squashed together!

Archaic letters In the Middle Ages, the English language included two letters derived from Anglo-Saxon, that are no longer in use: Both letters can be seen in the extract below: However, you will probably have noticed in your own handwriting that when you write at speed, you can end up with a series of spikes or wiggles to represent these letters. It was no different in the Middle Ages, except that a series of indistinguishable strokes was often considered perfectly acceptable in a formal script.

The example below comes from a beautifully clear and neat deed written in

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This comprehensive offline reference for commonly used medical acronyms gives you easy access to thousands of medical terms with their full meanings, optionally expanded by most reliable on-line resources Wikipedia, acronym databases. We upgrade both abbreviations as well as their descriptions regularly, making sure they are most accurate and up-to date. Our app lets you discover medical abbreviations and terms found in health records or medical documentation, medical prescriptions, descriptions of health conditions, treatments, diseases or surgeries.

Discover full meaning of English medical abbreviations like: MAG Medical Abbreviations app not only brings you reliable and accurate search function that gives you quick access to descriptions of abbreviations found in our glossary, but it also lets you find matching abbreviations for a given description.

An increasingly common trend thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile shopping is the practice of purchasing goods or services using a mobile device. It’s almost like shopping online using a computer, only with a smaller screen.

For other uses, see Personal disambiguation and The Personals disambiguation. For the video game, see Worms 4: This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

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Players ante into a pot and take turns spinning the top. If it landed P1, P2 or P3, he would lose put 1, 2 or 3 of his chips, respectively, into the pot. By far, the most common rule is for all the players to add one chip to the pot if “O”, “All Put,” etc. Source of pictures of spinners for this page.

Browse and search thousands of Abbreviations that start with E in our comprehensive reference resource.

Before reading the rest of this section, ask yourself: Do not use an abbreviation or acronym that your readers would not recognize quickly. When in doubt, spell it out. An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase. The Chicago Manual of Style distinguishes between acronyms, initialisms, and contractions, all under the umbrella of abbreviation.

They are defined as follows: Humans seem to have an almost endless interest in shortening things. An excellent reference work is Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations Dictionary, edited by Mary Rose Bonk and published in its twenty-seventh edition in by Gale Research Incorporated. It is a four volume set. When in doubt spell it out—at least the first time. The purpose of writing is communication, and anything that may cause confusion should be avoided.

The first time you use an abbreviation, initialism, or acronym, spell it out and present the short version in parenthesis: Use abbreviations and acronyms if you are certain your reader understands them. In general, use abbreviations only in charts, tables, graphs, footnotes, bibliographies, and other places where space is at a premium.

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Anno Domini The year numbering system used with Common Era notation was devised by the Christian monk Dionysius Exiguus in the year to replace the Era of Martyrs system, because he did not wish to continue the memory of a tyrant who persecuted Christians. Bede also introduced the practice of dating years before what he supposed was the year of birth of Jesus, [15] and the practice of not using a year zero. The term “Common Era” is traced back in English to its appearance as “Vulgar Era” [e] to distinguish dates on the Ecclesiastic calendar from those of the regnal year , the year of reign of a sovereign, typically used in national law.

The first use of the Latin term vulgaris aerae [f] discovered so far was in a book by Johannes Kepler. Thus, “the common era of the Jews”, [34] [35] “the common era of the Mahometans”, [36] “common era of the world”, [37] “the common era of the foundation of Rome”. Furthermore, several style guides now prefer or mandate its usage.

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Hallmarks and other markings 4. Date codes on Parker Pens Updated Oct In mid Parker began marking most pens and pencils with a date code, both the barrel and the nibs were marked, but lacking a date code doesn’t necessarily mean that the pen was made pre , since many imprints have been worn off with use. The first date codes, found for example on the Vacumatics, consists of two digits, the first one denoting the quarter of production, the second denoting the production year.

Hence a “47” marking on a ‘s pen indicate that the pen was produced in the fourth quarter of , not , which is a common misconception. In the second quarter of this system was however changed to save production time, and a new date code, using a system of dots, was adopted. The stamp initially had three dots and for each quarter one dot was filed down leaving none for the fourth quarter. Since production was overlapping examples exist with either the imprint 28 or. Also, since this coding system extended over a decade, a pen marked 38 could be produced the third quarter either in or In a new system for the date coding was introduced where the two digits only indicated the year, not the quarter hence “50” means made in , this system was used in the US until and in Canada a few years longer..

It has been assumed that Parker began marking some of their pens on the trim or cap bands to allow for dating in Using the words “Quality pen”, one letter per year, followed by a quarter marker, allowing for dating within a ten year span.

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Useful information For the vocabulary lists, I am making audio flashcards [French to English and English to French] with a flash mp3 player in each “card” so you can listen to the pronunciation of the words as you study. The exercises can be matching, multiple choice or fill in the blank and they will also open in a new window.

After certain sections, the Real French icon will direct you to accompanying audio files to help you improve your comprehension of spoken French with the French Listening Resources mp3s and exercises. I am slowly changing over the pronunciation guides to standard International Phonetic Alphabet symbols, but Internet Explorer has some spacing issues with the symbols. I recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to view this site.

There are many more countries and regions around the world that speak French instead of just France, Quebec, Belgium and Switzerland, but those are the only dialects that appear on this site for now so that is why only those four flags are shown at the top of the page.

List of Abbreviations (for the NET Bible Footnotes) Abbreviations for Bible Versions. English Versions. NET. The NET Bible / New English Translation (NT, ; First Beta Edition, Masoretic Text (the traditional rabbinical text of the Hebrew Bible, dating from the medieval period) LXX.

Literary Terms and Definitions: C This page is under perpetual construction! It was last updated January 5, This list is meant to assist, not intimidate. Use it as a touchstone for important concepts and vocabulary that we will cover during the term. Vocabulary terms are listed alphabetically. The term in poetry refers to the use of words that combine sharp, harsh, hissing, or unmelodious sounds.

It is the opposite of euphony. A small addition or “extra” item added to an initial letter. Common cadels include pen-drawn faces or grotesques. Examples include the faces appearing in the initial letters of the Lansdowne manuscript of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The melodic pattern just before the end of a sentence or phrase–for instance an interrogation or an exhortation.

More generally, the natural rhythm of language depending on the position of stressed and unstressed syllables. Cadence is a major component of individual writers’ styles.

Anno Domini or Common Era?

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The following list contains some of the most common abbreviations found in medical records. Please note that in medical terminology, the capitalization of letters bears significance as to the meaning of certain terms, and is often 40 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY ABBREVIATIONS.

To view the article with Web enhancements, go to: Abbreviations and Acronyms in Healthcare: Common problems include ambiguous, unfamiliar, and look-alike abbreviations and acronyms leading to misinterpretation and medical errors. The problem continues as institutions attempt to comply and ensure patient safety by various strategies including education, enforcement, and leadership. The scope of the problem is far greater than the list provides for; the solutions have not been elucidated by the literature and implementation challenges have yet to be conquered.

Recommendations for best practice and implementation are included. Introduction This anecdote dramatically illustrates one form of the misuse of abbreviation in the healthcare community. This incident happened over 15 years ago. Our focus at the time was to correct the misinterpretation of CP for this child moving forward. The larger picture of the dangers of abbreviations and acronyms in healthcare eluded us then. The consciousness of the healthcare community has been raised, yet the threat to patient safety continues.

More specifically, it is a letter or a group of letters used to represent an entire word. Early use of abbreviations can be found in medieval Latin manuscripts Bloom, Materials such as stone, marble, bronze, or parchment were scarce.

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But Latin abbreviations can be troublesome. Not just in the right context, but also with the correct spelling and punctuation. The three most common Latin abbreviations e. Use it when you want to give one or more examples but not a complete list. A common mistake is to add etc.

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Date formats Intended audience: Question How do I prepare my web pages to display varying international date formats? Visitors to a web site from varying locales may be confused by date formats. The separators may be slashes, dashes or periods. Some locales print leading zeroes, others suppress them. Answer Your first impulse may be to assume this problem will be taken care of during localization of the web pages – i. Do you really want to keep separate copies of documents for the U.

In any case you still have to deal with multilingual users like the one in our example above. You have three options to consider, all with advantages and drawbacks: Some prefer to modify ISO by using an abbreviation for the month to make it more clear, for example Apr , but then it is no longer locale neutral. This method is unambiguous. ISO is computer friendly. Doing a standard character sort on a list of dates gives you a chronologically ordered list.

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Aug 01,  · Below you will find a compressed zip data file of the FDA Acronyms & Abbreviations database. All fields are separated by tabs in the text file. Its .

When a horse is putting in maximum effort. Allowance A weight allowance is given when horses of a certain age race against older horses or when an apprentice rider is on board. All Weather Surface An artificial surface usually polytrack or fibresand in the UK on which racing takes place. Lingfield, Kempton, Wolverhamption and Dundalk all have all weather surfaces.

Ante Post Betting on a race well before the day of the event that includes all possible runners. Ante post bets that fail to take part will be counted as losers. Apprentice A young jockey who gains a weight allowance over more experienced jockeys. The weight allowance decreases as the jockey gains more victories. Backward A horse that is not fit enough or developed enough to do itself justice. Bar The shortest of the odds not mentioned in a betting summary or forecast.

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