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So, now, you might be thinking of next year. But if we say you can feel the Valentine this year, this month in this Kathmandu, how would you feel? Yes, you can feel the Valentine right now in the Kathmandu. Nature blessed Nepal so much that it really looks like a piece of Heaven has just fallen on earth. People from all over the world love to come to Nepal. But having adventure, fun and best moments that you could have a smile on your face just by remembering it. In this article, we have collected the best private dating places in Kathmandu where you can spend your most precious moments with your partner and feel the Valentine. We do care about you and your privacy.

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Add to Wishlist Install The official travel and navigation app of Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City has the exact location of all important places and tells you exactly how to get there! Beyond the obvious tourist destinations this app contains all the locations of critical infrastructure a person residing in Pokhara might need.

For example if you are short on cash the app tells you where ATMs are located along with their banks. If you are unwell it has information of all the major hospitals, clinics and health posts of the city. If you have a pet with you it also has information regarding the nearest veterinary clinic. This application is the output of more than two year’s worth of intense geospatial data collection.

Temples Of Nepal is a dream culture holiday offering a deeper understanding of the rich traditions and history of the local Nepalese people. Explore a country where Hinduism and .

Boudhanath Stupa The Boudhanath stupa is one of the holiest and most recognisable sites in Kathmandu. The stupa is built on an octagonal base, surrounded by prayer wheels and images of Buddhist deities. It has colourful prayer flags, blessed with juniper incense each new year, draped from its metre central spire.

All this helps to make the temple one of Kathmandu’s most iconic and photographed sites. Boudhanath is rich in symbolism: Look out for Tibetan monks, with shaven heads and maroon robes, and pilgrims spinning prayer wheels and buying yak butter and tsampa roasted barley flour. Be careful to observe Tibetan custom by walking around the stupa in a clockwise direction. The stupa was heavily damaged in the earthquake.

It re-opened, following extensive repairs, at a three-day purification ceremony held in November Late afternoon is the best time to visit, after tour groups have departed. Everest Region The 1, mile long Himalaya range contains every one of the world’s fourteen metre peaks. Nepal is home to eight of those giants: The Everest region is accessed by a nerve-racking 30 minute flight in a tiny plane to the Tenzing-Hillary airport m, aka Lukla airport.

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The snow adds a new dimension, lining the wide boulevards, capping the monuments in the city centre and dressing the neo-Romanian buildings in a new light. With just a day to explore the Romanian Capital before catching the train to Bulgaria , we took our chance to see some of the highlights of the city. Visitors Pass for the Palace of Parliament Entry is by guided tour only.

Tours are conducted between 10am and 4pm, with the last tour starting at 3: Prices are 25lei for the standard tour, which lasts about minutes. Be sure to bring your passport and you will need to pay an additional 30lei if you want to take photos.

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It is not only rich in world highest Himalayan ranges but also carry many cultural beauties in city areas. Near to this Bhaktapur, Patan are sub cities which hold similar beauties in it. Some of them are in Lumbini known as birth place of Gautam Buddha, similarly Kumari known as living goddess etc. As to the Kathmandu Valleys there are other valleys which hold magnificent beauties in cultural and natural aspects like, Panauti, Chitwan, Pokhara, etc.

Lumbini Lumbini tour one of the most important place of Buddhist pilgrimage is Lumbini, located near the Nepal-India border. This is where Gautam Buddha was born. Although largely destroyed now, this is the sacred site of the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha. There are foundations of temples dating from the 2nd century BC to the 9th century AD and two modern temples: Pokhara Pokhara m is a beautiful valley with a panoramic view of Annapurna and Machhapuchare Fish tail in the north and Dhaulagiri in the wast and, Lamjung Himal and Manasalu in the east.

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Situated at an altitude of metres ft. An early morning trip to the Tiger Hill promises an unique experience. A view of the sunrise amidst the Himalayan range has earned it an international fame. From here you can get a glimpse of Mount Everest, the highest mountain and Kanchenjunga range.

Beside this there are several places of tourist interest in and around the Pokhara including short hike in Annapurna foothill. Chitwan So it is however became a favorite spot for big game safari and other adventurous activities.

You will be amazed by the natural beauties, breathtaking views of Himalayas, cultural diversities and people friendly environment. If you are planning for your honeymoon, then here are the top 10 destinations in Nepal: Pokhara Pokhara is the best destination for the honeymoon seekers in Nepal. Pokhara has majestic view of Macchapucchre and Dhaulagiri that take away the heart of newly Pokhara married couple. It is the perfect place for the new couple to spend their time in Phewa lakes, enjoying the scenery of Annapurna ranges, different cultural heritages, trekking and enjoying lakeside life.

There are many world class hotel to spend quality time and have a wonderful honeymoon. Kathmandu Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal can be another best option for your honeymoon destination since there are large numbers of five-star hotels where you Kathmandu valley can get world class facilities. Beside, honeymoon seekers can explore different temples, stupas, cultures and historical places in Kathmandu. You can enjoy the nightlife in Thamel or you can spend quality time with your partner in the beautiful restaurant and cafes of Kathmandu.

A shopping can be the best idea since you can get world class products at reasonable price. Nagarkot Nagarkot is near to Kathmandu valley and it is one of the most famous tourist places.

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Founded by Puritan colonists from England in the 17C, Boston became the hub of politics, commerce, education and religion. Similar to New York City, Boston is cosmopolitan and expensive, but without the hustle and bustle. It was established in , by several Founding Fathers. Harvard was eventually named in honor of John Harvard because he bequeathed his large personal library and a substantial amount of money to the university.

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When all you can see is the path underneath your boots, the depth blurs into a solid, rocky, one-dimensional plane, losing all sense of ascent. At 5, meters, the breath is ripped from your lungs, leaving hollow, deflated spaces in your chest. But it was also the most surreal. I started in Daraphani at 1, meters, went through Thorong La Pass at 5, meters, and ended in Jomsom at 2, meters.

I had a backpack filled with thermal wear, a raincoat that made me look like Quasimodo, walking poles for my weak knees, water tablets, snacks, my Kindle, and my laptop for which I received plenty of teasing. The unforgiving ascent and the weight of my backpack were making me think twice about my physical strength and my mental fortitude… On my first day in Daraphani, I awoke to the startling discovery that I had altitude sickness, or at least something that fiercely resembled it.

But the symptoms spoke for themselves… loudly. I was dizzy, my stomach was angry, my head hurt, and the simple task of putting one foot in front of the other was becoming a new personal challenge. I always did enjoy proving people wrong. I set out for my first official day of trekking the next morning at 9am.

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Jomsom,Muktinath,Beni,Marpha The tour can be considered as one of my sweetest, most unforgettable and the most popular tour in Nepal. It not only provides a view of diverse landscapes with mountains, cultures and rural habitat of Nepalese people along the route but also a peace of mind, soul and spiritual happiness. The place itself is so pure and loving that nobody remains unhappy, bored and unemotionally attached.

It is rich not only in natural beauty but also full of loving, caring, trustworthy and innocent people. First Day, we started our journey from kathmandu to Pokhara and then stayed overnight at Beni a small town where there is fine lodging and food. We reached to Beni by Tourist Bus then from Beni there were only local buses available.

Pilgrimage Sites Nepal is not only known for its natural beauty but also as a cultural melting pot where two of the oldest religions of the world combine – Hinduism and Buddhism. With its history dating back to thousands of years, some of the oldest religious sites in Nepal are revered as the holiest places to find salvation by Hindus and.

Army commander bans sandwiches 05 Mar Lt Col Elton Davis, who is the deputy commander of the British Gurkhas in Nepal, says, ‘Our ethos is to be free, fair and transparent. Here, nobody really expects people to be free, fair or transparent. We hammer it home when we go out into the hills during the selection process. We are not selecting based on geography or caste. In previous decades, in a country with poor communications and transport, this face-to-face work was essential.

But nowadays even remote villages have mobile phones and some exposure to the internet. Last year 90 per cent of applicants to the Gurkhas had visited the MoD website. This year there were 36 candidates registered for every available place — far more than for soldiers in the rest of the Army. Most Gurkhas still come originally from the martial castes — the Gurungs, Magars, Rais and Limbus — that have supplied young soldiers for centuries.

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This city, rich in ancient arts, religious values, fabulous cultural traditions, architectural masterpieces and ancient sculptures, is also known as an open museum. Morever, the city is also famous as a city of gods. Bhaktapur has a cluster of temples, pagodas, monuments, courtyard, squares. The existing civilization charcterized with Newai life style and their fabulous traditons and rituals reflected in the day to day activities is the main point of attraction for fireigners visiting this city.

Tourists generally notice a marked uniquenss in the festivals, culture events and Newari traditions observed by the people of Bhaktapur.

Best of India Nepal Tour has been chalked out to incorporate the most popular tourist places of north India and capital city of India – Delhi- is the initial interface with , segmented from tourism perspective in Old & New Delhi, has glorious historical past, dating back to Mahabharata era.

When was amshuverma born? Read it here online free about the most famous person of Nepal. We are here with famous personalities of Nepal. Information about Amshu Verma: He had matrimonial relationship with the daughter of King Shivdev I. Though Shivdev I was the de jure king, Amsu Varma was the de facto ruler. It was built with a view to conduct the affairs of state from one center After that Shivdev I reduced himself to a nominal ruler and handed over all the state power to Ansu Varma Amsu Varma was also a great diplomat.

Advertisement He gave away his daughter Bhrikuti to Shrong Tsen Gampow was expanding his empire in the north. The Nepalese princess was worshipped in China as e Harit Tara. This matrimonial relation had a great effect in the history and culture of Nepal and Tibet. Amsu Varma was endowed with all the regal quality.

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In-flight Day 02 Arrival Kathmandu Upon arrival in Kathmandu [approx altitude meters] airport, you will be met by a Lumle airport representative. You will be escorted to your hotel. You will have some time to relax and recover from the flight. Overnight at the Hotel Day 03 Kathmandu sightseeing We start of exploration of Nepal from Kathmandu, a mystical mix of religion, culture and everything in between.

We explore Kathmandu Durbar Square where most of the temples and palaces dating back to 17th and 18th century. You can walk around the stupa spinning the prayer wheels engraved with chants and offer a traditional butter lamp to Lord Buddha.

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My Nepali family resides in a big brown house just outside the city, close to the famous Swoyambhu Monkey Temple! Prayer wheels at Swoyambhu. I loved my time with the Pandeys. I really feel like I have a family in Nepal after living with them for just a month. In line with Nepali tradition, my Aama mother gave me a garland of marigolds and fed me three spoonfuls of curd as I departed their home on my last day.

My host brothers aged 16 and 12 and me. And why yes I AM wearing traditional Nepali clothes! My very neon Christmas gift from the Pandeys. Aama and I would spend a few hours on the roof, she efficiently laundering the clothes of her four-person family, and I t-e-d-i-o-u-s-l-y scrubbing my few totally wrecked backpacking outfits. For the first time since I began traveling, my days became somewhat predictable. I got to know the family dynamic and the flow of the days in their home.

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