Philly-area freelance journalist killed covering South Sudan civil war

She was unable to sleep. She agonised the whole night about her future. The mother of four beautiful children was about to make a decision that would dramatically change her life. Was she willing to abandon her nine-year marriage in search of riches in Juba, South Sudan? Her husband was a casual labourer. She recalled almost tearfully the days she used to sell doughnuts. Those were hard and tough times. Today, her children were out of school. She had to end their poverty-stricken life. Her elder sister Auma resides in Juba where she engages in prostitution.

South Sudan’s battle for cattle is forcing schoolgirls to become teenage brides

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Dec 21,  · It is a bilateral arrangement with the government of South Sudan”, Paddy Ankunda, spokesman of the Ugandan People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) told Sudan Tribune on Friday.

The confidential report, compiled by a U. Security Council earlier in October, described the arms networks in Eastern Europe and the Middle East that have facilitated the transfer of weapons to the African country, according to AFP. A peace agreement was signed in August , but a fresh round of fighting in July has pitted the rival sides against each other once more. Security Council has threatened to impose an arms embargo on the country, but Russia and other African countries have resisted the pressure.

The expert report detailed arms deals dating back to , involving firms from countries including Bulgaria and Israel. While the arms deals are not new, the arms themselves are likely to still be in circulation—forces loyal to Machar recently appeared in Democratic Republic of Congo , armed with Israeli-made automatic rifles that were sold to Uganda in The rebel forces likely took the weapons from South Sudanese government troops, according to the report.

The report also detailed the sale of 4, assault rifles by a Bulgarian firm to an intermediary in Uganda.


Boy gets stuck inside arcade game Boy gets stuck inside arcade game Keeping his eye on the prize, a little boy in Florida crawls up the prize chute to find himself inside a claw machine. More videos Australians in South Sudan conflict Australians involved in politics and conflict in the world’s newest country, South Sudan, tell Fairfax Media their actions are justified.

It’s an offence for Australians to fight in overseas hostilities unless serving in a government’s armed forces. The maximum penalty is life imprisonment.

South Sudan’s military forces systematically raped women, murdered civilians and carried out large-scale looting, Amnesty International has alleged. Civilians were burnt alive, hanged in trees.

It will have to buck the convergence of two powerful historical streams: South Sudan became a country in when its residents voted overwhelmingly to separate from Sudan, at the time the largest country in Africa. Cities have been sacked, thousands killed, and almost , people turned into refugees. But in many ways the current crisis goes back to November , when some 14 countries came together in Berlin and sliced up the African continent.

The players represented virtually the entire Western industrial world, although the key participants were Great Britain, France, Germany, and Portugal. That history laid the foundations for the current spasm of violence in South Sudan that threatens to spill over into several bordering countries. In , the British divided Sudan between the largely Arab north and the mostly black south. There had long been tension between the two areas because the southern pastoral tribes—mainly the Dinka, Nuer, and Shilluk peoples—had historically resisted slave traders from the North.

There was intermittent warfare between the tribes over cattle and land, but they also intermarried and traded with each other. Colonial authorities deliberately banned contact with the more developed north, suppressed Islam and Arabic in the south, and fragmented the region into a bewildering tapestry of tribes and villages.

Oil Production To Boost South Sudan’s Economy

Teak forest, South Sudan. Most of this is less valuable soft wood — hard woods are a relatively small part of the forests. But they are a valuable component. India, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Logging is heavily restricted in all but Myanmar, the leading supplier of teak worldwide.

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Like most other traditional African weddings, families are an integral part of wedding ceremonies in the Sudanese culture. Sudan, along with parts of Egypt, is home to the famed Nubian tribe, and if you are a fan of Broadway then you may know that the show Aida by Tim Rice and Elton John tells the story of a Nubian princess named… Aida! Of course there’s much more to the show but we’re talking about weddings in Sudanese culture right now… Like many other African wedding traditions, in Sudanese weddings among the Nuer people, marriage is accomplished when the groom’s family pays the bride’s family with cattle.

The cattle received by the bride’s family will in turn be used as payment when their own son s assuming they have any are looking to take a bride of their own. This system of passing on bride wealth however, makes it hard to dissolve marriages because the cattle will have to be returned. The Nuers have a three-part marriage which is made up of the betrothal, the marriage and the consummation. The betrothal is sealed by the delivery of the first installment of cattle to the bride’s home; upon their arrival, an ox is sacrificed to their ancestors and the meat is eaten by all.

After this public promise to marry, the couple are now considered husband and wife. The bride is the escorted to the groom’s village by her peers where her hair is then shaved off completely. After this, the marriage is then consummated. Once the bride gets pregnant, she moves back to her parents’ house until her first child is weaned. At that time, she will leave her parents’ home finally and move in permanently with her husband.

By now being married and having his wife and child possibly children if his wife had multiples , in his own established independent household, the man is now considered an elder among the tribe.

Dating South Sudanese single mother? Just say NO!

The earliest known events date back to BC. Between the years of and the Sudan was ruled primarily by Great Britain. The present boundaries of the People’s Republic of the Sudan were finalized during this period by agreements between the British and other European nations trying to establish interests in the region. They largely disregarded local tribal, cultural, and linguistic boundaries.

The Western concept of dating is virtually unknown in Muslim parts of Sudan. 9 • LIVING CONDITIONS Although Sudan is regarded as one of the poorest countries in the world, its people have long found ways to accommodate their harsh environment.

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Is all well in the teak forests of South Sudan? – By Aly Verjee

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South Sudan. Why? “There are daily reports of fighting between armed groups across the country, and regular reports of serious criminality in ’s no official government curfew in.

Muhammad Ahmad ruler of Sudan, — Seeking to add Sudan to his domains, he sent his third son Ismail not to be confused with Isma’il Pasha mentioned later to conquer the country, and subsequently incorporate it into Egypt. This policy was expanded and intensified by Ibrahim Pasha ‘s son, Isma’il, under whose reign most of the remainder of modern-day Sudan was conquered. The Egyptian authorities made significant improvements to the Sudanese infrastructure mainly in the north , especially with regard to irrigation and cotton production.

In , the Great Powers forced the removal of Ismail and established his son Tewfik Pasha in his place. Tewfik appealed for help to the British , who subsequently occupied Egypt in Sudan was left in the hands of the Khedivial government, and the mismanagement and corruption of its officials. Taxation on irrigation wells and farming lands were so high most farmers abandoned their farms and livestock.

Sudanese Marriage Talk With The Parents.