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In this performance, we hear every note and enjoy each moment. This young love begins as a summer affair and seems to end that dreadful day Allie has to move away for school. With no communication for years, both Noah and Allie move on with their lives. But just before Allie marries another man, Lon James Marsden , she meets with Noah one more time to discover what they both have always believed. Unlike most love stories we may see in films today, this story takes us beyond the mere beginning of a true love and takes us all the way to how it ends. And while we may know of many marriages that end prematurely in divorce , the one celebrated here expresses just how two people can stay committed to each other their whole lives, no matter what. It is a beautiful story that clearly affirms marriage, love and lifelong commitment between a man and a woman. This factor also does not stop them. Finally, it is tested by a heartbreaking sickness, but still, even this cannot destroy their love.

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Top 10 Romance Movies Featuring Older Adults February 13, Many popular romance movies focus on young adults but their insecurities and romantic problems can sometimes be hard to relate to. The roles for older actors get diminished, smaller and typecast. Their romances are complicated by past relationships, their children, health problems, and in some cases, age differences.

However, before dating and marrying Beyonce, Jay-Z was delving into the world of dating. Aaliyah, a young and talented R&B, died in a plane crash in and has since been an icon to many. Did these two powerful and talented artists ever date?

While he has made almost no poor career decisions he was the bright spot in an otherwise dim Gangster Squad , Gosling is slowly building one of the most unique and celebrated careers in modern cinema. He plays a young Jewish man who develops a cruel and anti-semitic view on the world he inhabits. It was this impressive starring role for Gosling early on in his career, along with Murder By Numbers, that put him in the sights of critics, casting directors and the public who would soon idolize and adore him.

It was his breakout role and put him on the map. All Good Things In one of the more underrated films that Gosling has been a part of, All Good Things is a rollercoaster full of mystery and betrayal that focuses on David and Katie Marks. Gosling plays a form of both Dr. Hyde as his father Frank Langella forces him into the dirty family business and his personality takes on a completely different tone.

The climax is when his relationship with his wife Kirsten Dunst fizzles until she mysteriously disappears. Gosling digs deep for this one as a charming hippie in the first act, a menacing villain in the second and a cross-dressing fugitive in the third—all of which he nails with acting precision.

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The membership criteria of the club are extremely strict, and candidates are heavily vetted. It was his first post-Potter — and his debut theatre — role after making five of the eight Potter movies. It was a decision that sent shockwaves through the film-watching world on a level akin to the once squeaky clean Miley Cyrus twerking in a nude bikini at the Grammy Awards.

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For that piece, we dug through old books to find references to how pocket notebooks had been used this past century by men in different walks of life. In the process of compiling those excerpts, we came across intriguing references to how some of the famous men of history used their pocket notebooks and decided to put together a whole post exploring that subject. The result is this look at how 20 famous men used their pocket notebooks.

The list is hardly comprehensive; the practice was so widespread among eminent men that it would likely be easier to compile a list of famous men who did not use them, than did. And the choices are a bit eccentric; men who were famous for their interesting and numerous notebooks are well-represented but also included are a few from the past and present that just happened to cross our path during the course of our research.

Where images of the notebooks were available they have been shown; in their absence a description will have to do. These caveats aside, we hope you will find reading about this manly practice as inspiring and fascinating as researching and writing about it was for us. He felt confident that the job would be fairly easy to learn but found he could not remember the instructions his teacher, Horace Bixby, imparted to him. You have to know it just like A B C.

He often began one before embarking on a trip. He filled the notebooks with observations of people he met, thoughts on religion and politics, drawings and sketches of what he saw on his travels, potential plots for books, and even ideas for inventions he filed 3 patents during his lifetime. Many of his entries consist of the short, witty, pithy sentences he is famous for.

He felt that if he did not write such things down as they came to his mind he would quickly forget them.

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She is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. Riley and Auggie Matthews are Cory and Topanga’s only children, of which Riley is the older of the two. Contents [ show ] Appearance Physically, the adolescent Riley is a beautiful young woman; She has a heart-shaped face, a light complexion, and dark brown eyes with matching hair that reaches her mid back; she typically wears her hair down, straight or wavy, but occasionally wears it in a braid, bun, or ponytail.

She has a slim and marginally athletic physique, and is of above-average height, which contributes significantly to her physical awkwardness, mainly her longer legs over which she has little control. Style Riley’s personality is reflected in her sartorial preferences, which consist mainly of bohemian-style outfits with floral patterns or solid colors.

Free Monologues for Kids and Teenagers. Drama Notebook is holding an ongoing Monologue Contest for students ages We are building a collection of fantastic original monologues for kids and teens entirely written by students. Now, the art of the sword is an art dating back to the earliest ages of reason, perfected during the Renaissance

It was also reported that the pair was packing on the PDA at the Entertainment Weekly party that same week. Speculation of a romance between the two began in May when Sprouse, who often posts his own personal photography, shared a photo on Instagram of Lili sitting in a field of flowers. Fans had even romantically “shipped” Sprouse and Reinhart during Riverdale’s first season, so fans should be pleased to know that all their “Bughead” fantasies are slowly coming true.

While this coupling may still take a few fans by surprise, as Hollywood history has already proven, sometimes the on-camera chemistry just spills over behind the scenes. Here are some more former co-stars that started dating after meeting on set: Meanwhile, the pair dated behind the scenes from to First Class The mutant co-stars dated for 5 years before calling things off in After a tumultuous relationship and a few affairs, they officially broke things off in

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By Amy Kaufman Jul 24, 3: A decade ago, after she’d just starred in three huge hits in a row, “The Notebook,” “Mean Girls” and “Wedding Crashers,” she was asked to pose on the cover of Vanity Fair. She was supposed to be photographed by Annie Leibovitz alongside two other beautiful and popular young actresses, Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley. She did not want to take off her clothes, so she passed up the opportunity. I have no issues doing it for a part if it makes sense, if it’s not gratuitous and I think it’s adding to the story.

 · ’The Notebook’ Noah and Allie’s star-crossed, tempestuous romance has defined true love for a generation of young women, mainly because of the passionate pairing of actors

But on Wednesday, two publications reported Ryan Gosling, 33, and his girlfriend Eva Mendes, 39, split up over Christmas. Eva’s rep chose to not comment. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, pictured in March, have split according to two reports out Wednesday The couple, that started dating in when they filmed The Place Beyond The Pines, have not been seen together this year. Though the split happened over the holidays, they faced issues much earlier. Eva, who is the face of Thierry Mugler perfume, preferred to be in the limelight, while her partner didn’t.

Though the actors were spotted strolling in New York City in , they often were out of sight She denied it: On Saturday the Hitch star was accused of revealing she was pregnant Another problem was getting hitched and having babies. But the Training Day actress has since denied it, with her rep explaining she always avoids the scanner and prefers the pat down. Meanwhile, Gosling has retreated to his native country. Gosling finished up a Terrence Malick movie about love and obsession against the Austin, Texas music scene.

His co-stars are Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. They seemed made for each other: In , he struck up a romance with his Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams and they two seemed on track for marriage, but they split after two years.

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But one top Hollywood publicist—who prefers to remain anonymous because she frequently works with A-Listers—breaks down for Personal Space how exactly a fake Hollywood couple would be created. Determine why this will help. Why not live your authentic life? So one top publicist calls another top publicist, agent, or manager of a star and they hatch a plan to hook two seemingly compatible stars up.

This may happen over dinner or drinks and the plan is laid out. Look for a good red carpet date on the calendar.

Troy Actors And Actresses Biography Source() (1).Diane Heidkrüger: Diane Kruger is a German actress and former fashion model. She is known for roles such as Helen in Troy, Dr. Abigail Chase in National Treasure and its sequel, Bridget von Hammersmark in Inglourious Basterds, Anna in Mr. Nobody, and Gina in Unknown.

But only now is the film’s director Nick Cassavetes revealing one of the biggest secrets from behind the scenes: And even more shocking is the year-old Canadian hunk wanted his pretty year-old costar – who he ended up dating on and off for four years after filming concluded – kicked off the film. Scroll down for video One would never have guessed: Ryan Gosling left, in May at Cannes disliked his Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams right, at the Met Gala, also in May so much he wanted her kicked off the set one day A beloved movie that’s now 10 years old: The romantic tale hit the big screen in Spilling the beans: Director Nick Cassavetes, pictured in , relayed the story to VH-1 Gosling, who played hopeless romantic Noah Calhoun in the movie, asked director Nick Cassavetes to find someone else to play his love-interest Allie Hamilton.

The blonde looker complained that he didn’t have any ‘chemistry’ with the redhead who was only years-old when the film was made. Cassavetes told VH-1 , ‘Maybe I’m not supposed to tell this story, but they were really not getting along one day on set. I can’t do it with her.

What Really Caused Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams’ Breakup